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LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool
LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool

LAUNCH X431 V PRO 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool. 2022 Elite Version LAUNCH X431 V V4.0 Car Full System Diagnostic tool with 30+Special Functions, bluetooth/wifi connection +Free Software +ECU Coding + Actuation Test + Make AF Adjustment + 2 Years Free Update + 32GB Storage(Can be extended to 128GB)+Multi Languages Supported. What Updates have we made in 2022 as Elite UPGRADED Version OF LAUNCH X431 V V4.0.

1.32GB storage capacity + 128GB extended memory large internal storage and expandable memory for more vehicle software loaded, diagnostic records, photos, music, and games etc. Replace from ordinary Tablet to Branded Lenovo Tablet. Available to Download any applications, like facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, hotmail, etc. (also a multi-functional tablets support entertainment) update car software to 2018/2019/2020, including cars, SUVs, minvans, 12v light-duty trucks. Now It is no exaggeration to say that LAUNCH X431 V Pro is the most widely vehicle coverage product in the world today.

Fixed battery life issue of 2020 year. Now lasting nearly 10 hours continuous use on a single charge. (10 hours of working and entertainment on-the-go). The LAUNCH X431 V pro offers faster update frequency and 5-year limited service. You can be certain that this scanner is from a reliable brand and if you're faced with a challenge within this period, you will get the much-needed support.

Key Programming : >>>>Add, Delete & Reprogram Keys, >>>Rewrite smart keys, All smart keys lost, Replace smart key ECU, Replace KNOB IGNITION;>>>>Reset Key: Relearn a key. Note:this key programming function is NOT universally compatible. Please check compatibility with us if necessary. X431 V pro supports PINCode reading for most cars before 2008, for vehicles after 2008, you need to have PINCode to do key programming More functions and vehicle coverage is developing and waiting you to discover........

Thanks to the LAUNCH X-431 V Scan tool, you can get more repair orders and Improve your efficiency and professionalism, Having such a state-of-the-art, Fast, Smart, Intelligent Bi-Directional Scanner, Which is a great investment in your life. (Faster and more effective than OE-level coverage diagnostic equipment). To diagnose car comprehensively, LAUNCH X431 V Pro scanner can read DTCs and data streams, perform active test, Coding for ALL systems. For instance: Engines/Auto Transmission/Airbags/Immobilizer/Key Coding/ABS/Cruise Control/Instruments/ Self Leveling Suspension systems/Seats/Doors/Gateway/Steering Angle/Air Suspension/Body Systems/Electronic Power Steering & Motor Assisted/Power Steering/Tyre Pressure/Rain Sensors/4WD System/Stabilizer/Intelligent Parking Assist/Door Motors/Audio Systems/Air Conditioning/Tiptronic/Anti Theft/Soft Top/Headlamp Leveling/Central Locking/Automatic Clutch/ DPF Reset/Electric Windows/Plip Programming/Heated Rear Window/Xenon Headlights/Wash Wipe/Fuel Burning Heater/Transfer Box/Seat Memory/Oil Life Service Reset/Sliding Doors/Electronic Throttle/Navigation System/Rollover Sensor/Cruise Control/ Multi Function Steerin. All in 1 graphic data stream.

View and capture (record) real-time Live Data. This data including current operating status for parameters and /or sensor information can provide insight on overall vehicle performance.

It can also be used to guide vehicle repair. It supports quick diagnosis via one-button VIN scanning.

Coding + Active Test + Adaptation + Matching. Not only exceptional OE-Level functionality of comprehensive OBDII diagnostics & services, LAUNCH X431 V also covers advanced ECU coding Complete capabilities for codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding etc. The Coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle control modules, it allows you to reprogram adaptive data for certain components after making repairs or replacements. Access vehicle-specific sub system and component tests, With this automotive diagnostic tool, you can perform actuator tests (testing the output elements). This feature lets you know if a specific system, component or a subsystem is functioning properly or not.

For example, do a Throttle relearn/reset after replacing the throttle body, program a new tcu after replacing, recode replacement parts to the car, perform a transmission quick learn, etc. LAUNH X431 V Support 30+ Kinds of Special Reset Service Functions. (NOTE:You can find 15 kinds of commonly used reset functions in the reset menu, and other special functions in the car brand diagnostic softwares menu). Oil Lamp, Oil Reset Service.

This function allows you to perform reset for the engine oil life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate. Is important in the maintenance of electronic braking system's safety and efficiency. Helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.

This function allows you to perform various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset. This function allows you to quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle's ECU, as well as to perform TPMS replacement and sensor test. The scan tool monitors certain camshaft position sensors signals to determine if all conditions are met to continue with the procedure for Engine running. It is mainly used to disable the lost vehicle keys and program a new replacement key fob.

Leaking injectors and some dead injectors can be missed even when an injector is disabled. Otherproblems with the ignition system and mechanical components also may not show an rpm loss when aninjector is turned off. Allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration. Specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit. Doing so can accurately control the actions of regulating throttle (or idle engine) to adjust the amount of air intake. This function can complete the gearbox self-learning to improve gear shifting quality. When the gearbox is disassembled or repaired (after some of the car battery is powered off), it will lead to shift delay or impact problem.

In this case, this function needs to be done so that the gearbox can automatically compensate according to the driving conditions so as to achieve more comfortable and better shift quality. AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) Reset. This feature is used to initialize the adaptive headlamp system.

According to the ambient light intensity, the adaptive headlamp system may decide whether to automatically turn on the headlamps, and timely adjust the headlamp lighting angle while monitoring the vehicle speed and body posture. This function can set the sunroof lock off, closed when it rains, sliding / tilting sunroof memory function, temperature threshold outside the car etc. This function can adjust the height of the body. When replacing the body height sensor in the air suspension system, or control module or when the vehicle level is incorrect, you need to perform this function to adjust the body height sensor for level calibration. LAUNCH X431 V support English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional, You can switch any language you want. Abundant maintenance data are available, which helps repair professionals diagnose and repair vehicles efficiently, accurately and profitably. This function varies from vehicle to vehicle.

It enables you to quickly access all the electronic control units of the vehicle and generate a detailed report about vehicle health. Generally once a vehicle diagnosis is performed, the tool will record the every details of diagnostic process.

The History function provides direct access to the previously tested vehicles and users can resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch. Help repair shops or technicians launch instant messaging and remote diagnosis, making the repair job getting fixed faster. Support Device - to Device, and Device - to PC. Very"Easy"to Register and Download Car Software. The reports are able to be saved in PDF format, and as the tablet is equipped with WIFI, these can be emailed to the office or directly to your customer.

Also, You can customize your name, your address and other information on this report. Health Report will scan all vehicle modules and give you a status list for each modules condition. It can report out all of the codes from all supported systems. It allows you to "deep dive" into the various PID's.

You can also print out the vehicle health report card. So it will help you explain the vehicle's exact problem to your customer. Supports 10000+ car models from America, Europe, Asia Including Russian car models, Chinese car models, Indian car models, Malaysian car models, Australian car models, Brazilian car models, Latin American car models and other national models, including cars, SUVs, minvans, 12v light-duty trucks, gasoline cars and diesel cars.

(It is no exaggeration to say that LAUNCH X431 V V4.0 is the most widely vehicle coverage product in the world). American Cars For Buick; For Cadillac; For Chevrolet; For Chrysler; For Dodge;For Ford; For GM; For Hummer; For Jeep; For Lincoln; (BRAZIL) For BX-Fiat; For BX-GM -European Cars: For Abarth; For Alfa Romeo; For Audi; For Bentley; For Benz; For BMW; For Bugatti; For Citroen; For Dacia; For EU-Ford; For Ferrari; For Fiat; For Jaguar; For Lamborghini; For Lancia; For LandRover; For Maserati; For Maybach; For Mini; For Opel; For Peugeot; For Porsche; For Renault; For Rolls-Royce; For Rover; For Saab; For Seat; For Skoda; For Smart; For Sprinter; For Vauxhall; For Volvo; For VW; For (UKRAINE) ZAZ; For (RUSSIA) GAZ; For IZH; For PAZ; For SEAZ; For UAZ; For VAZ -Asian Cars For (JAPAN) Acura;For Daihatsu; For Honda; For Infiniti;For Isuzu; For Jpisuzu; For Lexus; For Mazda; For Mitsubishi; For Nissan; For Nissan GTR; For Scion; For Subaru; For Subaru; For Suzuki; For Tlisuzu; For Toyota; For (KOREA) Daewoo; For Hyundai; For KIA; For Samsung; For Ssangyong; For (CHINA) Baic; For Beijing; For Changan; For Changan-Ford; For Changcheng; For Changhe; For Chsuzuki; For DF Peugeot; For DF Honda; For DF Nissan; For DF XK; For Flyer, For BYD; For Fukang; For Futian, For Foton; For Geely; For Gonow; For GZ Honda; For Hafei; For Haoqing; For HC BMW; For Hmada; For Huachen; For Isuzu, For JMC; For Jacty; For Jianghuai; For Jiao; For Jinlong;For Joylong;For Lifan; For Liuwel-TY; For Luxgen; For NJ Fiat; For Qirul-TY, For chery; For Qoros; For Saicmg; For Spark-TY; For TJ Toyota; For Trumpchi For GAC; For Weili; For Xiaokang For Dongfeng; For Xili, For Faw Tianjin; For Xinkai; For YQ Mazda; For Zhongshun; For Zhongtai, For Zotye; For Zhongxing; For (INDIA) Mahindra;For Maruti; For Tata; For (MALAYSIA) Perodua; For Proton; For (IRAN) MVM -Australian Cars For Au-Ford; For Holden. LAUNCH X431 V V4.0 tablet configuration. Product name:X431 V 4.0 CPU:2.0 GHz operating system:Android 9.

0 RAM:3GB ROM;32GB (can up to 128GB_) Battery:5000mAh Size:8inch Resolution:1280800 Camera:2.0 megapixel front/ 5.0 mega pixels rear WIFI:2.4Ghz/5GHz (Dual frequency) USB:Micro USB. LAUNCH X431 V SCANNER, BLUETOOTH ADAPTER, TPU BOX. LAUNCH X431 V comes with 14 Connectors :(Complete OBD I set of adapters included). TOYOTA-17, HONDA-3, MAZDA-17, FORD-6+1, SSANG YONG-20, CHRYSLER-6, for SUBARU-9, KIA-20, DAEWOO-12, GEELY-22, GMVAZ-12, DAEWOO-12, BMW-20, BENZ-38.


1EL-50448 TPMS Reset Tool (For GM). Otherwise a Unpaid Item case will be opened to you. We have warehouse in USA, UK, HongKong and China warehouse. If after 30 days, or the item has been used, we have the right to decline your claim.

We are specialized dealer of On-Board Diagnostic tools and automotive electronics for more than. We are authorized first class distributor of Launch, Autel, Xtool, OBDSTAR, Ucandas, Ediag and Kingbolen etc. , and more brands will be show in our store in near future. Business time: GMT+8 (9:00-18:00) from Monday to Friday.

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  • Supported System: Engine, Transmission, All Systems, ABS, DPF, EPB, SAS, SRS, TPMS
  • OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
  • Connectivity: WiFi,Bluetooth
  • Touch screen: 5 Points Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Features: 30+Special Functions, ECU Coding, Actuation Test, Backlit Display, Built-In Battery, Check Engine Light Shut Off, Color Display, Erases Codes, Freeze Frame Displays, Internet Updateable, LCD Display, Multi-Language Interface, User Friendly
  • Working temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
  • Storage temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LAUNCH X431 V PRO,AS MS906,PRO MINI,PAD V,PRO3S+,
  • Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle
  • Accessories: Adapter Cable, Carrying Case, Software Disc, User Guide
  • Advantage 2: Bi-directional Test,ECU Coding,Active Test
  • Update: 2 Years Free Update
  • Type: Car Diagnostic Tool
  • Screen Size: 8.0 inch
  • Advantage 1: Full Systems Diagnoses,30 Special Functions
  • Operating System: Android 9.0
  • CPU: Quad core 2.0GHz
  • Storage capacity: 32GB
  • Memory: 3GB
  • LCD resolution: 1280X800
  • Brand: LAUNCH
  • Model: LAUNCH X431 V PRO 4.0(3.0 Updated Version)
  • Version: 2022 Newest Global Version
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • UPC: 756029666009

LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 Bidirectional Key Coding OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool